The Genius of Michelangelo" 60 Medallion Proof Set

I have for auction the Franklin Mint 60 medallion Proof set "The Geniusof Michelangelo." Struck by
John Pinches in hallmarked sterling silver and issued in 1970-1971. This is a collection of 60 sterling
silver medallions. Each medallion features a piece of art from the hand of Michelangelo and each
medallion is, in itself, a miniature masterpiece of the engraver's art in translating the original into
a medallion. Original works include many from the Sistine Chapel, the Last Judgment and other
paintings and drawings, sculptures based on classical themes, sculptures of the Saints, sculptures
of Christ and the Madonna, mainly from Italy, but including one from the Notre Dame Church in
Bruges, Belgium.
Diameter -44 mm.
Weight Each - 40.25 grams
Total Weight - 2415 grams
Silver - .925 sterling silver
Total silver content - 71.82 troy ounces
Each medallion is encased in the original plastic round; the medallions are in excellent condition apart
from the usual toning you would expect after 36 years.
Each medallion is stamped on the rim: "The Genius of Michelangelo, Medallion # (1-60), Sterling and
the Serial # of the set, 12240."
The set comes with 60 brochures explaining what each of the medallions portray. The enlarged photo
is "Madonna

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