The Hummel Spice Jar Collection

In beautiful condition with no cracks or chips.

22 spice jars and wood cabinet. Also included are the original blank recipe cards.

No longer in production. This would make a wonderful gift and a must have which any Hummel collector would treasure for life.

Value of $200-$1000

The Hummel spice set will make any collector's mouth water with envy. The sheer beauty of each and every spice container is a link to the history of the enchanting artwork that was made by M. J. Hummel. This Hummel spice set is a twenty-two (24 in original set) piece set of spice jars. Each of the spice containers are covered in an ivory glaze and trimmed in a magnificent 24K gold border. As you look at each spice jar you will see that each container has a different Hummel work of art placed on one side of the spice jar. The artwork is a picture of a small child in a setting that will melt your heart and warm your soul. As you turn the Hummel jar around you will notice a history of each spice that is printed on every jar of the Hummel spice set. It is a brief description of the spice and its origins. The Hummel spice set has the cutest little lids that rest on top of each Hummel piece in the set. The lids also have rubber seals around the rims so that the spices will retain t freshness and flavor. If
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