Nice conditioned vintage item.... The person that I acquired it from did not know the origins of it...only that it had belonged to her Aunt.

The portion with the biblical figures on it is made from that kind of lightweight almost paper like, sometimes fragile plastic used in the early 1960's. ... ..2 1/2 inches on the left of the Christ figure, t is a one inch slit near the edge of the "table". Is not serious and can probably be crazy glued or something.

Little pieces of cut glass make up the coloring. T is: green, brown, cobalt blue. The two windows behind Christ are done in what almost looks like light blue colored aquarium gravel and 12 pieces of sky blue colored glass at the top of the frame. Little pieces of gold colored strings/rope? make up the window frames. T are 10 tiles making up the archway of Christ. The white coloring is from little plastic chips that resemble old faded carnival glass.

The picture itself, is 12"x34" inches, while the frame is roughly 14 1/2" from top to bottom & 36 1/2" from side to side. Frame is in good condition.

NOTE: Item has not been cleaned for fear of damaging it..

Payment to be made by Paypal only....NO EXCEPTIONS