The Memories of Santa Collection(24Plus Cases)

The Memories of Santa Collection are Authentic Reproductions from Antique Chocolate Molds, Early Chromo-Lithographs and Turn-of The-Century Post Cards. These beautiful Replicas depict the Evolution of Santa Claus from the early St. Nicholas to the Santa we know today. Still have Original price stickers. All in original boxes. Each box has original pamplet telling about each one. T are 24 total, also included is the wooden display cases (2).
1872-1885-1888-1889-1890-1894-1897-1900-1901-1902-1903-1904-1906-1907-1908-1909-1910-1911-1912-1917-1919-1926-1933-1938- Korea for Christmas Reproductions, Inc.
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