The Negro Soldier" - 92nd Infantry Division in Italy

This interesting set of two DVDs consists of "The Negro Soldier", which goes into the history of the Negro soldier in all our wars and especially WW II. This film was produced by the United States Army during WW II. The second DVD is the History of the 92nd Infantry Division. The 92nd was the only black infantry division to fight in the European Theater of Operations during WW II, and served in Italy.

The 92nd Infantry Division - officered mainly by white officers - won two battle stars in Italy for the campaigns of the North Apennines and the Po Valley.

This is a DVD of the 92nd (Buffalo Soldiers) Infantry Division in WW II. The 92nd Infantry Division entered combat in Italy in August of 1944 while attached to the 1st Armored Division fighting on the Gothic Line. Two soldiers of the 92nd were awarded the nation's highest combat decoration - the Medal of Honor in Italy. The 92nd would remain in Italy for the remainder of the war. This DVD was made using maps, division histories, old newspaper and magazine articles, many signal corps photographs, statistics, order of battle, decorations and awards, insignia, military music, military props, material from the National Archives and from German sources. This is not a Hollywood production, but a good sequential history of the 92nd Infantry Division during WW II. With
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