The New 1956 Clipper" Packard Ad. Banner / Silk Flags

The New 1956 Clipper Advertisement Banner / Silk Flag

These are thought to be advertising banners from Clipper dealerships, an ideal investment for anyone that may be lucky enough to own one of these cars. These banners / flags would look great, at a car show, with your clipper. As you can see they are somewhat wrinkled, but some steam would flatten them right out. I believe they are made of silk. Please contact me if you have any question or comments about these rare items.

Clipper was a stand-alone make of automobile produced by the Studebaker-Packard Corporation in 1955-1956 for the 1956 model year only. Clipper was aimed at the middle price field of American automobiles which included Dodge, Oldsmobile, and Mercury.

While first used as an upscale model name beginning in 1941, attempts by Packard (and later Studebaker-Packard Corporation) President James Nance to spin off the Clipper name as a stand-alone make began in the early 1950s when the Clipper name was used on Packard's least expensive line of automobiles. Nance believed that as a Packard model, the Packard Clipper was diluting Packard's standing as a luxury automobile marque.

Clippers began receiving unique trim and rear quarter panels in 1954, and when Packard introduced its heavily redesigned model in 1955, the Clipper retained its
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