The Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Ring Set! RARE!!

((MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!!!)) ....This auction is for a brand new RING SET from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. This is a special ring set which comes in a cool Nightmare Before Christmas box. Both Rings say We are simply ment to be, I bought these rings almost two years ago and have not seen them at hottopic since. So i am assuming they are out of production. I CAN NOT FIND THESE RINGS ANYW ON THE INTERNET!! This is a SET of 2 rings, a his and a hers! The female's size is roughly a 7 and the male's size is roughly a 11. This is the older and hard to find set, not the new common one ...( THE SET IN THE BLACK BOX IS THE NEW SET THIS SET WAS THE FIRST SET TO COME OUT, AND THEN WAS TAKEN OUT OF PRODUCTION! THEY DONT MAKE THEM ANYMORE SO HURRY AND GET YOUR HANDS ON ONE OF THE LAST SETS THAT ARE UP FOR SALE!!!! ). If you have any questions please ask me. . . or if you have aditional information about this item please tell me i would like to know more about them . . . thanks for looking!! Please remember this is an auction and all sales are FINAL as every auction is. Absolutely NO REFUNDS. SO PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS NOW, NOT LATER.... Obviously Antique, Vintage, or used items will show signs of wear, be dirty, aged, may smell musty. I test what I can and am not going to lie and tell you it worked when I tested it if it doesn't. ... read more