The Phoenix Pony - FIRST EDITION!! The Ancient Ones called these deserts home. Then, around 1400 A.D., for unknown reasons, they mysteriously disappeared. Hundreds of years later, a new town would arise from the ruins that would be appropriately named "Phoenix" after the fabulous mythical bird of brilliant scarlet and gold plumage that was said to have perished in flames, only to rise from the ashes. Created by Arizona artist Wendy Wells-Bailey, "The Phoenix Pony" stands as a tribute to a timeless myth and the beautiful city that shares its name, and to the human capacity for renewal and rebirth. Artist: Wendy Wells-Bailey Experience the beauty and wonder of The Trail of Painted Ponies! The Trail of Painted Ponies began as a public art project that invited the best artists in the country to creatively transform large horse sculptures into original artworks. The astonishing results have been hailed as the arrival of an exciting new American art movement called "Pony Expressionism." I hope you enjoy the high-quality work that captures the power, beauty and magic of the Painted Ponies. The item is new in box with hangtag and all of the original packaging. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PIECE FIRST EDITION SUPPLY IS ALMOST EXHAUSTED. YOU WILL THOROUGHLY ENJOY THIS WORK OF ART!!!!!