The REAL Surrender at YORKTOWN color engraving print

Sensational rendering of the surrender of not Cornwallis at Yorktown. The color is precise as to uniform and in extreme detail. Not only is this beautiful, but it is also a terrific reference.
T is an added bonus. Under each personage just below the image is their name, including Benjamin Lincoln! Remember, it was he who Cornwallis' subordinate really surrendered.
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Washington would not accept it unless it was offered to his subordinate. This particular scene is correct and though the engraver has not identified the players, everyone is t and you can easily see Washington directing for the sword to be given up to Lincoln. A skilled artist has merely reinserted the colors of that original painting from which the original engraving, itself is a reproduction. Using very heavy-weight, acid free, 100% cotton laid paper (provided by the same company that supplies the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving), this is a reproduction by skilled lab techs using the finest equipment extant. Winner to pay $5.00 s&h. For an additional $8.00 the
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