The Sands of Peleliu...

Offered is a very unique one of a kind WW2 collectable, it is a custom made WW2 invasion beach sand display containing sand samples collected from the island of Peleliu which is located in the Palau Islands 500 miles east of the Philippines... Since 1998 I have had the good fortune to be able to visit Peleliu 4 times and I myself collected all the sand contained in this display... The cherry stained gloss finished oak display base features emblems for both the U.S. 1st Marine Division and the U.S. Army's 81st Infantry Division and distinctive gold on black lettering and holds 8 removable 2" X .5" sample vials containing sand from all 5 of Peleliu's invasion beaches (White 1 & 2, Orange 1,2 & 3) plus samples from Walt Ridge w Captain Everett Pope fought a horrendous overnight battle against heavy Japanese forces and was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions on thet night, the Japanese Last command Post w Coloniel Nakagawa commited suicide and on Negsebus Island w E.B. Sledge, the author of "With The Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa" was nearly killed by a Nambu LMG assualting a Japanese Pillbox... Accompanying the display are twin photo sheets with 12 captioned photos showing Peleliu as it exists today including an aerial view of the Peleliu, a view of "The Point" at
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