I have been collecting Arabian Horse items for well over 40 years..NOW DESPERSING many 1000's of my favorite treasures..the barns and attic..and all rooms are full..I collected most of my life..purchasing everything horse related especially Arabian..even if I already had one like it.. .. Hoping to open an Antique shop with just horse antiques..that did not am listing now..enjoy..

Just started unpacking more items and this is one I am having a hard time parting is entitled THE STANDARD BEARER and is framed in a vintage black wood frame which appears to be oak under the old paint..the visable image is in super condition as is the frame..this image is from the 70's from a vintage limited edition art folio with text on back..mounted on backing..just an outstanding old piece that will enhance any wall or room..NO RESERVE..this is one of my favorite pieces by the world famous AD SCHREYER..and one of the hardest of his pieces to find..overall size 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches ..ready to hang..GREAT FIND..

The proud tribesman..the one selected to carry the flag...the FLAG BEARER..on a stunning stallion that is sooooo exotic and elegant..poised for war..neck arched..tassels on his bridle..tail draging the ground..tiny tipped ears..truly a horse worthy of the Pharoah's..Horses in the background guard the rear from attacking
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