The ULTIMATE Kit #2 - Scared Stiff Pinball

Scared Stiff Pinball Upgrade Kit #2 DLX Boogieman Extensions & COLOR Skull Eye LED's
From Freeplay Amusements, this is two kits combined into one auction.
Click on the "ME" next to my Ebay member name to see how you can find out more information about these products. for a pair of the newly designed aluminum Boogieman extensions that
have become the buzz word of the pinball industry. We have sold over 250 of these kits from our website and shipped them all over the world. I had a custom fabricator develop a computer milled aluminum extension far better than anything ever made before. Check my feedback to see what people have to say about these kits.
This fun kit will replace your stationary Boogiemen with dancing ones. Each time a ball hits the slingshot the boogiemen will move forward and shake their arms, while in the games Boogie-Mode they will dance for stuff! This kit can be installed within about 30 minutes and detailed instructions are included. Restore what was omitted from the final production of your "Scared Stiff" pinball machine.
Don't be disappointed like I was with a hand made set by a hobbyist. Others offer a similar kit but they are not made uniformly and can cause serious playfield damage! Ours are milled from a single piece of hardened aluminum. T are no rivets
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