The VITAPULSER Quack Medical Device

Up for auction is a battery operated cure- all called the Vitapulser. It comes in the original box and was apparently sold by W.W. Frye in Zanesville, Ohio. It includes 18 pages of instructional use. About 1/5 of page 15-16 is missing ( looks like someone cut out an add) and front & back covers are detached. The S.O.S. Electric Pulser was patented April 15, 1913 by the Commonwealth Electric and Mfg. Co. St. Louis, Mo. T is 3 items in this box the battery roller assembly, the sponge applicator and the sponge electrode. The Rectal Electrode is not included as that had to be ordered separately. Instructions claim the Vitapulser works on headache, neuralgia, sore throat, pleurisy, athletics, lumbago, rueumatism, gout, stomach, kidneys, liver, constipation, piles, weakness, paralysis, deafness, toothache, eyes, sprains, and nervousness plus complexion, hair and scalp. This item sells as is, Special No. 3 batterys not included. Thanks for looking and God bless you & yours