The World According to Reagan Original Poster Horsey 82

The World According to Reagan" Political Poster by David Horsey

This is an ORIGINAL poster poking fun at Ronald Reagan political views with with an emphasis on the United States and the USSR during the Cold War. It was drawn by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Dave Horsey during his stint at the the "Seattle Post-Intelligencer". The size is 23" x 35".

"he depicts a transcontinental high noon taking place over a crude world map. Reagan, in the role of town sheriff, stands tall across the geographical expanse of North America, drawing six-guns from his holster to defend the free world. Staring back at him across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean is Gorbachev -- portrayed as a missile-wielding, fur-clad Cossack. He holds sway over the place we knew then as the Soviet Union but referred to as "Evil Empire." Jim Demetre of

The bottom margin of the poster is printed:

PC 237 The World According to Reagan (c) 1982 AA Graphics, Inc. 1200 N. 96th Seattle, WA 98103 USA Artist: Dave Horsey

Condition: Original poster on parchment paper in very good condition with a 1 1/2" tear on the bottom center and 5 pieces of Scotch tape on the edges. The previous owner has drawn a little map of Grenada on the bottom of the poster, as indicated in the close up photo.

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