Theo Faberge Summer Egg 390/750 limited edition decease

This is from the St Petersburg Collection by Theo Faberge' the grandson of Carl Faberge' a skilled craftsman in his own right known particularly for his St Petersburg Collection which included decorative eggs. He died in 2007. The prices for these eggs will continue to raise and that sight says that prices are subject to change without notice. He was a member of The Master Guild of Ornamental Turners of Great Britain. He practiced his craft on a Holtzappfel lathe, similar to the lathes used by his grandfather Carl to create the famous Imperial Eggs for Czar Alexander III. Eggs, symbolic of life and birth were also used to symbolize the Resurrection and the rebirth of nature brought about by Spring. Faberge's Imperial Eggs were Easter gifts given by the Czar to his wife, the Czarina. Art pieces and Jewelry created by carl are found in the Decorative Arts collection of our Cooper Hewitt, national Design Museum in New Your City. This egg is beautiful has all papers and markings. The top appears to need shinned up with a cloth. As the days grow longer the Summer egg recreates the sweet smelling meadows of the countryside. Adorned with delicately hand painted enamel wild flowers strawberries and brightly colored butterflies the flora conceals a playful ladybug. The scene is set in 23 carat gold basket cut into an opaque 24% lead crystal ... read more