THEOSOPHY monthly **98 issues** 1970 -1976 THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY Blavatsky

98 issues all in excellent condition occasional finger soil a few creases I would say less than 8 have a minor ...very minor bump or finger print about a third are in protective clear sleeves.they are all in excellent condition. More photos upon request i took a few photos of the things I described....they are minor . The earliest date was1970 and the newest was 1976
Not sure if all years are complete but I would assume they are . If you are a serious bidder or there is interest shown in the listing I will sort them and have definite numbers and description and the last 3 pics are of the damaged ones that I have found there might be a few I missed but not more than that they are all in excellent condition and packed with all things Theosophical Society related ,from the myriad writers that the publishing house had in its list of contributors. A must for one with an interest.