THEREMIN. classic sound mini analog theramin

Createmusic from the ether; eerie sci-fi, psychedelic, ambient, rock, classical etc.. by moving the hand towards or away from the pitch antenna.
Believed to be the earliest electronic musical instrument developed in the 1920s, the Theremin - named after its inventor Leon Theremin, is unique in that it is played without being touched, instead by the players proximity to the pitch aerial.
The science bit: This is a Transistorised, 2 Oscillator, Analogue Theremin, using the heterodyning principle.
It has coils in it’s oscillators for the classic Theremin tone. Remember, the tone is generated in the coils.
Although this is a mini Theremin, great care has been taken developing a true analogue Theremin sound. It is very stable (stays in tune!) and has a fully playable 5 octave range, from 0 - 50cm (20") between hand and antenna.
There's also a vintage germanium diode in the detector stage and it comes with controls for volume and pitch adjustment. You can also use a standard volume pedal.
Not included, is a 9 volt, PP3 or Duracell # MN1604 battery (rectangular - commonly used in guitar fx pedals) as we are not allowed to send them through the post any longer.

Suitable for studio and live use, with care. Also available in a tough diecast aluminium box (at extra cost - please enquire).
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