This is a beautiful pink depression glass jar w/lid!

This is a beautiful pink princess depression era jar measuring 5 1/2 inches tall and from lip to lip the top is apprx. 5 1/4 inches. The inside of the lip of the jar has a few rough little spots, but nothing at all noticeable. The lid is a different pattern, called Mayfair, I think. The lid also has some roughness or flea bites along the inside edge. Again nothing, that subtracts from the beauty. I have used these two pieces together for some years and nobody has ever noticed they were different patterns. Gorgeous color and does not show hardly any wear...just a little on the bottom of the jar as should be t for this age glass.

This is a beauty and hard to find! Buyer pays for shipping and please get insurance.

Thank you very much for looking and happy bidding!