This is Halloween Vol. 9 Prop Pro Sound Effects CD


"This is Halloween" Vol. 9 "The Dark Hours"

These are Professional Haunted House Sound Effects CDs

They were recorded at a local professional studio by me and a couple other effects gurus onto High quality CD-R's and used exclusively for promotion of professional haunted houses.

Each CD comes with a Cover art insert, and this disc is printed the same however t are no "track Listing" we didn't feel a need for track names. Each disc comes in a slim case. We would play these all the way through mixing one with another for awesome effects.

This Is NOT a cheesy k-tel sound effects CD like you buy at Wal-Mart.

This CD contains a 60 minute seamless multi-track continuous mix of true of Dark Creepy Music.

If you ever wanted a haunted house or graveyard with realistic effects to scare people then this is your CD. Loaded with Very Dark and Gruesome music, very morbid. W are we? A Gothic Sanctuary? or the Pits of Hell? A devious touch for those who like the dark. WATCH OUT!!! This is very scary!

This is the Ninth volume of the "This is Halloween" Series I am selling

Now until Halloween - Buy any 3 CD's of your choice that I'm selling and get 1 FREE! of your choice

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