Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions "The Dancer" MINT

In Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions, the artist has created multi dimensional portraits of African Americans. Filled with timeless momoents celebrating the richness of relationships and the power of faith, Thomas' collection provides an everlasting view of the spiritual, playful, and intimate experiences of life.

Thomas Blackshear's "The Dancer" radiates contained energy as she steps rhythmically to the beat of the drum. With hips swaying and arms and shoulders undulating, she sets her hair ribbons and jewelry flying to create a whirl of motion and color.

"The Dancer" will come brand new, in mint condition, in the original box, with certificate of authenticity stating that this is a true Thomas Blackshear Ebony Visions sculpture. It is numbered # 1846/2000 in the first series or first issue. Retail value of this magnificient piece is 170.00.