Thomas Edison Cylinder Gramophone (1905)

Edison Home Phonograph Model D with K model reproducer and Cygnet model 10 horn with original two piece crane. Serial # 391972D.

This has been totally re-conditioned. A beautiful looking sound piece. This is an Edison wax cylinder player. Last patent date on the patten plate is 1905 and the horn is 1907.

The mandrel is in near pristine condition and the mechanicals also. Look at the pictures, they are great.

The motor is whisper quiet and plays well.

The finish on the case is unbelievable. The player sounds great, but could use some minor adjustments.

Notice the blue stripe.

Includes the 10 panel horn with gold striping around the exterior, 2 cylinders

The horn is original with the (3) piece hanger. The horn has some very minor marks.

The shipping is $50.00 flat rate for (2) boxes. The horn has to be shipped seperately.

This is an as is purchase and final. No foriegn sales.

Thomas Edison Rare Phonograph