Thomas Gunn: LOA003: Bergman MG 15 Team

Thomas Gunn Miniatures
LOA003: Bergman MG 15 Team

The Germans supplied thousands of troops to the Turks in their Middle East enterprise and machine gunners were highly appreciated for the amount of fire they could lay down in an attacking or defending role. LOA003 is the desert version and features 2 gunners dressed in typical tropical gear suitable for 1918. The German army did issue a complete uniform in a khaki colour for the Middle East but these troops were sometimes mistaken for British soldiers and fired upon by their own side as well as by the Allies! Some German troops wore a mixture of European and tropical dress to counter this, while others switched back the European dress to avoid being shot at by their own side!

As with all Thomas Gunn miniatures, production numbers are very limited. Only 150 units of this set will be produced. These soldiers are not going to last for long!