thomas kincade's seaside reflections music boxes

Lighthouse shaped music boxes from the Thomas Kincade series. They are all numbered on the bottom but without original packaging. T are eight in all, only the third issue with the song "from a distance" does not have an issue of authenticity. They are in great shape, with a little drawer in the front of the bottom of the box, and each has a different Thomas Kincade lighthouse painting on the front. The songs on the music boxes are the following: The Beacon of Hope, 1st issue has "Somew Out T", The 2nd Issue is called "The Light of Peace" with "You'll Never Walk Alone", the 3rd issue has "From A Distance", 4th issue is "The Sea of Tranquity" with "Morning Has Broken", 5th issue is "A Light in The Storm" with "Candle on the Water", 6th issue is "Conquering the Storms" with "Stand By Me", the 7th issue is "Victorian Light" with "Eternal Flame" (my personal favorite) and the last is "Block Island" with "Someone is Waiting for You". They are from the Thomas Kincade's Seaside Reflections Music Box Collections.