Thomas Kinkade "A Light in the Storm" 12x16 Classic CANVAS

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This is a Thomas Kinkade SOLD OUT print " A Light in the Storm " . And sells for over $300 if you can find it....

This is an 12"x16" CLASSIC CANVAS in a Antique Gold frame

This Canvas Classic is in excellent condition

A Light In The Storm
To those who observe with a knowing eye and an understanding heart, the natural world is rich with allegories of profound spiritual truths.
A Light in the Storm is a visual analogy to Jesus' proclamation "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12). The ocean here is wild with the fury of the storm;
waves break and toss in violent chaos. Above, a mighty thunderhead looms: its menace seems to fill and dominate the entire sky.
— Thomas Kinkade