Thomas Kinkade Mountain Memories18x27 GP New Sale Price

Thomas Kinkade

Mountain Memories

18x27 Canvas Gallery Proof

I was a Signature Gallery Owner and I purchased this canvas directly from the Thomas Kinkade Company. It has never been sold. The framed painting comes with a certificate of Authenticity and the name plate. In the galleries the release price for this painting is 1140.00 framed. If you buy it you can save hundreds of dollars.

The image is shown in the Burl frame but is available in Dark Walnut, Brandy, Antique Gold, and Oak Gold. I am selling cert number 18/700.

The burl frame was by far the most popular frame in the gallery. 7 out of 10 people who bought a painting also chose the burl. What makes it nice is that you just don't notice this frame as much as you do the others. It tends to focus your attention on the painting and enhances the brighter colors. This is one reason I used it so often in display photographs.

The Dark Walnut frame was the second most popular in the gallery. It does extremely well on the landscape paintings and is impressive because of its size. It adds 12 inches to each dimension and is the largest frame offered.

The brandy frame is popular because the red in the frame will bring out the reds in the painting. This frame does very well on the cottage pictures or anything with lots of flowers.
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