Thomas Kinkade Stillwater Cottage 18x24 Standard Number Paper Unframed

Thomas Kinkade

Stillwater Cottage

18x24 Standard Number Unframed

Since January 2000 I have owned Thomas Kinkade Galleries in:
Seattle Wa - Westlake Center
Tacoma Wa - Tacoma Mall
Puyallup Wa - South Hill Mall
Surrey B.C. - Penninsula Village Shopping Center.

I will be closing my last gallery soon and am selling my remaining inventory on Ebay.

This Unframed Paper was bought by me directly from the Thomas Kinkade Company.

It is in perfect condition and has never been sold to a custumer.

I am offering this unframed limited edition paper for the wholesale cost plus shipping which is what a gallery would pay if they ordered one from the Thomas Kinkade company. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and next to the canvas is the highest quality product sold by the Thomas Kinkade Company. Unframed it has a current book value of 230.00 which is the release price for this item in a gallery. This is a Limited Edition Paper of which only 1950 were made.
Everything ships from, and can be returned to, my warehouse in Washington State and this LE Paper will ship flat using Fedex.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You
Darrell Taylor