Thomas Kinkade:"Twenty Years Of Light"Print.Signed By The Master Artist Himself

This Sketch Print was made as a promo sheet to celebrate his Twenty years of light tour.Begining in 1984-2004.In this print you may see reflections from my flash and also a shadow on the left side,thats my shadow. It is not on the picture.You will take notice that the print was hand signed by thomas Kinkade himself.Also to my understanding the actual painting when it came out was not released to a very large audience,taking that into consideration makes this print even more rare.This particular print was purchased recently from a gentlemen that was at the convention in Sacremento California.This is the type of print that will only appreciate in value as the years pass by ,as any collector will atest to that fact. This is a great print to own for the avid collector of fine art enthusist. or as an investment or something to add to ones estate. This sketch promo sheet print could possibly be worth thousands one day.My reason for resale is I am up there in age and have really no estate or anyone to leave it to.The plus is Im going to include a color photo that is unsigned but it depicts Thomas Kinkade at a convention signing prints.It is a photo that had been copied for me that measures approx. 4"x 6" .This sketch Print and photo will be in hard cover plastic and shipped priority mail.I do not do returns ,so bid accordingly . I see no ... read more