Beautiful Landscape Photograph of Yellowstone National Park. This is one of the images in Thomas Mangelson's most famous book Images of Nature . It was purchased at an exhibit of his work in Balboa Park in San Diego in 1990's. It has had one owner, has been beautifully cared for and is in mint condition. The photograph is in the original frame with the original paper notations from the gallery. This 30 x 50 size is huge and is out of print. It is also listed through the Mangelson secondary listings gallery and can be purchased and authenticated through them for $3495.
I will pay for crating and am charging only $200 to ship. Win the auction on the the second Mangelson photograph we are offering for sale "End of Season - Moose" and I will add to original shipment for only $50.
More photos are available on request. All questions answered within 24 hours.
Enjoy the auction!