It is very hard to find the right words to describe this set of blown glass ornaments. T are 30 ornaments and a tree topper in this Museum collection by Thomas Pacconi with the certificate of authenticity. The ornaments are richly colored and range in size from 2 inches to 5 inches with the tree topper - approximately 10 inches. The ornaments are in 3 layers in a presentation box, packaged as they arrived securely in black foam with separators and little schematics to show which ornament is in which position in each tray.

I ordered this set in 2000 with hopes of putting them on my gorgeous tree, however never did. The ornaments have been in their presentation case in the original mailing box for all this time and that is how they will come to you if you are the winning bidder. I don't really have room to put up my big beautiful tree so I put up a little blue aluminium one that is already decorated. No one will ever know!

The presentation case is wood. The mailing box is intact and will be used to mail the ornaments to the winning bidder.

I am offering free shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation for this auction only.

Now, for the pictures. As you can see, I still haven't mastered the art of closeups. I will load the pictures that I have taken and take more if you would like to see different
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