Thomas Tank Engine Train Trackmaster Track & Train Lot

Thomas the Train Trackmaster 75 Piece Lot
This is a nice lot of Thomas the Train Blue track Trackmaster track and trains.
All of the trains have been tested and work.
This lot includes:
23 curved track
10 long straight track
5 short straight track
2 Stop and Go track
7 curved track with risers on one side
5 switch track
4 risers
1 Thomas the Train
2 dumper cars
2 Toad
1 Rusty
1 Molly (the hook on Molly's coal car is broken)
1 Annie
3 Clarabel
1 Mavis
1 Diesel 10
1 Spencer
1 Molly w/ Coal Car
1 Murdock's coal car
4 cargo cars w/ 4 removable cargo pieces