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President Abe Lincoln #77 1989

Great People in History

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Abraham Lincoln was the first statue created for the Great People in History series. The central figure is one of the turning points in American History, Lincoln is also revered by people around the globe. The pose was inspired by the Lincoln Memorial, sculpted by Daniel Chester French. Two books representing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, serve as the sides and arm rests of Lincoln's chair. The date is November 19, 1863, and the occasion is his delivery of the Gettysburg Address. In his hand is the first page of his speech, in Lincoln's own handwriting. Is interesting to note that now in Lincoln's address did he use the pronoun "I." Contrary to popular rumors, Lincoln did not scribble the Gettysburg Address on the envelope at the last minute. He started work on his speech in Washington, D.C. and added the finishing touches after breakfast, before traveling to the Gettysburg battlefield. Lincoln is listening to the first speaker, Edward Everett, who spoke for two hours. When it was Lincoln's turn, he spoke for less than three minutes. A photographer had begun to set up his equipment to take the President's picture. By the time he was ready, Lincoln had finished and was seated again. So t

Lincoln often changed his hair style, switching his part or wearing it sometimes flat, sometimes full. He often changed the shape of his beard as well. I've chosen the most photographed style, Lincoln had a very small chin, and perhaps this is why he decided to grow a beard.

My Lincoln is wearing a military style cape, similar to ones worn by the Union and Confederate armies. The ceremonies took place outside, and Lincoln, with his extreme thinness, was sure to feel the beginnings of the Pennsylvania winter. I imagine that, even on a warm day, t would be something chilling about the battlefield. Lincoln was sensitive to the tragedy that was occurring on both sides of the divided nation. The last sentence of his Address still inspires us today:

"It is rather for us to be dedicated to
the great task before us... that
this nation under God, shall have a new
birth of freedom - and that government
of the people, by the people, for the people,
shall not perish from this earth."

Pictures just can not do this piece justice! But please take a moment to click each image just to see the stunning detail involved.

Stands about 14 1/2" tall with a 17" Long base Weight of the piece is a little over 23lbs

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