Thomas Tom Clark The 7-Up 1984 #46 7 Gnomes on a Turtle

Thomas Clark Cairn Studio

The 7-up, 7 Gnomes Riding a Turtle

Pictures just can not do this piece justice! But please take a moment to click each image just to see the stunning detail involved.

Stands about 11" tall with a 15" base Weight of the piece is about 10lbs

This is their story

In the world of Gnomes and Wood spirits, the turtle is a special means of ground transportation. When it is small it is a taxi, as with Pokey's family. When it is large, like the one with Heather and Jan it is a mini-bus.

The largest one is a bus named Night Train. These seven friends are riding their bus to a picnic. They have crackers in a basket and they will pick berries and nuts at the picnic site. The turtle seems a bit willful and may decide to take a shortcut through the pond. In case this happens, I put in life savers for the five who can't swim.

Their names are similar to those of soft drinks. Then again, they are also names given pets of friends of mine: Shasta, R.C., Pib, Sprite, Doc, Brit, and Tab. Each has a coin with which to pay for his ride. Six of the coins are transportation tokens and the other one is for free parking when they wish to stop for additional supplies

Please click on the photo's for a bigger image

D r. Thomas F. Clark is the lead artist for Cairn Studio,
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