Thomas the train Big City Engine Hook & Ladder Hippo Car set

My wife was doing spring cleaning in the basement and low and behold... Some long lost Thomas trains and cars. Included are "Big City Engine & Tender", the "Hook & Ladder" (Being a retired Firefighter, I still remember when I bought this and the water tender for my son. Sniff.. sniff...) and the "Hippo Car". The hippo's mouth moves up and down when the car moves! What fond memories we have of the Thomas days. My wife has always said that she was never sure who liked playing with the trains more. Our son, or myself. (I have always known it was me!)
My son took excellent care of his toys, so there is very little wear. Minute wear on the engines tender and a tiny blemish on the ladder truck.
So, good luck and if you win, enjoy the moments because it really is but a brief moment, and then they grow out of it and it is gone.......