Thompson Replica Machine Gun Tommy Sub Dillinger

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This auction is for one replica machine gun. Amazing design made of wood and alloy!!
The wood grain on this model is amazing! This replica has NO PLASTIC PARTS! It is all wood and metal.
This is the same gun made famous by Dillinger and our heroic Military servicemen. This model includes a red plug in the barrel per ebay rules.

This is perhaps the mostrecognizable firearm of World War II, made famous by the Airborne Troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. Though heavy by today's standards, the weight helped control the .45 caliber bursts when operated on full-automatic. This classic non-firing replica has been out of production for several years and is now available again.

As an added bonus, we are including a historical wanted poster, featuring John Dillinger!

Made in Spain by Denix.
This model is equipped with a drum type clip, which is removable.


Length: 32.5" Weight: 8.25 lbs

Ebay- Please note that we comply with all of your rules for listing this product including the following:

The item is not capable of shooting a lethal projectile
- The item cannot be easily altered to shoot a lethal projectile
- The receiver is not classified as a firearm under U.S. Code Title 18,
Section 921
- The item has
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