THORENS TD 105 Turntable - Ortofon F15E Mk II Cartridge

You are bidding on a used THORENS TD 105 2-Speed Belt Drive Turntable with Ortofon F15E Mk II Cartridge. THORENS A.C. adapter is included and a 45rpm adaptor with stroboscopic markings for both speeds. The turntable is in Very Good condition and operates normally. NOTE: The 1st photo was taken with the camera's flash and the last identical photo was taken with a fluorescent (daylight) bulb. The flash photo is a truer representative. Model: TD 105
Year: 1978
Drive system: belt
Motor: DC, 72-pole
Speed Switching Mode: 33, 45; pitch ±6%; electr.
Platter: 1,3 kg; Zamak; 300 mm
Suspension: no
Tonearm: TP 22
Manual / Automatic: semi automatic
Auto Shut-Off: yes Description
The THORENS TD 105 semi-automatic, high-fidelity turntable incorporates advanced technical features to afford true state of the art performance. It employs a special THORENS suspension system for the floating chassis and an exclusive Isotrack tonearm with precision bearing assembly and low-mass construction which enables optimum tracking characteristics to be realised with modern pickup cartridges. The TD 105 also employs a velocity sensitive electronic shut-off which raises the tonearm, returns it to it's rest, and stops the motor. The electronic shut-off at the end of a record operates without frictional contact with the tonearm,
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