Thorite Geiger Counter Test Source Nice Uranium #15

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Available is a large 87 gram specimen of Thorite (Th) from the Trench #1 on Mount Rosa in Teller County , Colorado . The specimen is EXTREMELY rich with wonderful red Thorite and is unusually active!!! This is the best material I have found to date! This is excellent material for Geiger Test specimens and is also of collector quality. Since Rad detector readings will differ depending upon the type and probe sensitivity, I include photos using three calibrated meters of different types (NeutronRae Pager, CDV-700 with beta shield CLOSED, and Eberline ASP-1 with a very sensitive, large scintallator probe). The specimens measure about 1.9 mR/hr on my NeutronRae and is about 4.5 mR/hr CDV-700 with the beta shield closed! Finally, they measure about 375,000 cpm with my ASP-1 at two inches from the specimen and 800,000 at the surface. Note: You may get higher or lower readings on your own meter depending upon its sensitivity.

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