Thorite Thorium Uranium Ore Mineral Jefferson Colorado

Thorite Ore - Jefferson County Colorado
Beautiful Reddish Blackish Ore Sample
Thorium Uranium Silicate Mineral
Colorful Mineralization - Very Interesting
This is some of the nicest Thorite ore I have in my collection. 20.7 grams, 95 KCPM NaI(Tl). I got it from an elderly gentleman who would not disclose the exact mine location. He would only tell me they were from somew in Jefferson County Colorado. This Thorite ore is rich in mineralization and high purity. Another unique sample for your rare minerals and ores collection. Thorite is Thorium Oxide with Uranium Oxide and Silicon Oxide and with other oxides. As with all mineral samples a possible hazard exists. Buyers should be aware of the elemental composition of a sample and understand any safety concerns. All mineral shipments are shipped with careful packaging of the sample and then the packaged sample is suspended in the center of a strong corrugated box for shipment and in compliance with United States Postal Circular USPS 52.
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Fluorescent Minerals are a wonderful addition to the Scientific Products I sell. This Willemite has the most brilliant
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