Threads That Bind Collector Quilt - Thomas Blackshear

Collector's Quilt - Thomas Blackshear
60" x 50" throw or wall hanging (includes rod pocket for hanging)
This item is brand new in the original packaging.
Description: The actual quilt based on The Threads That Bind sculpture. The figures in the sculpture are stitching this same quilt design, which portrays prominent retired Ebony Visions designs and motifs.
Starting at the top of the quilt, the first row of images represents relationships and romance with The Protector, The Commitment, The Siblings and The Madonna.The second row represents the collection's visionary and allegorical aspects with Night in Day and Intimacy.The bottom row highlights what Thomas describes as "spiritually oriented designs" such as The Storyteller, Message to God, The Guardian, The Prayer and The Music Maker.
The Quilt is 100% cotton with pieced quilt panels. All borders are stitched. Top stitching around the basic form. This is an authentic patch quilt with casing at the top for a pole for hanging.
More background on the Quilt:
The cover is 100% cotton with a special finish for a soft surface feel, and has polyester fiber fill. Many commercial quilts sold today are printed by computers, but this was block-printed in Japan to achieve the rich color saturation that Thomas Blackshear's art requires. The fabric
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