THREE Big Needle Oiler Antique Vintage Clock OIL MANUAL

THREE Long Needle Pen Oilers for Antique or Vintage Mechanical or Electrical Clocks

EACH Includes enough OIL for about 50 medium size clocks

This listing INCLUDES a A NEW IMPROVED Third Edition OILING GUIDE/INSTRUCTION MANUAL 22 pages long with 16 large CLEAR photos. Several newer styles/types of clocks are included in the new edition.

Note that the manual is only to be used as a guide and instructs you on the basics of clock oiling and maintenance. Descriptions and photos of many of the various antique and vintage clock movements are provided to guide you into becoming proficient in basic clock oiling and maintenance. You can always contact me if you have any specific question on the guide or on any specific clock.

EACH Contains 1/4 ounce of high quality synthetic medium viscosity clock oil designed to resist corrosion and evaporation. So it will not get gooey.

EACH has a 2-1/2 inch long needle applicator to allow you to reach those hard to reach locations

Fits together like a pen when packed up. Has a pocket clip too. 6 inches long when packed up.

Squeeze the bottle to deposite a tiny drop of oil into bushings or other wearing surfaces

Oilers are refillable in case you use a lot of oil.

An antique or vintage mechanical clock should be oiled once a
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