Three Dewar's Regimental (Military) Prints - 2nd ed.

For your consideration are these three (3) Dewar's regimental prints (pictures in photos). These were part of the Second Edition from a very successful ad campaign originating sometime circa WWII, as I understand it. The campaign eventually went to five editions, I think, with each edition highlighting six outstanding British regiments decorated for distinguished service. The 3 offered here are: Royal Scots Greys, Highland Light Infantry, and the King's Own Scottish Borderers. ( Not included are: Royal Scots, Black Watch (on horseback), and the Seaforth Highlanders. Sorry.) Each print measures 12.75 inches x 9.75 inches and is suitable for framing. Also included (in photos number 4 & 5) are the original accompanying letter from Schenley Import Corp. (the American distributor of Dewar's) as well as the original envelope listing Schenley's Empire State Building address. The three prints are in top-drawer condition: I note two smudge marks from handling over the years which hardly detract from this treasure trove of Scotch and military memorabilia.