Three L. Frank Baum OZ Books, 1909-1915-1956 Wizard of OZ-Road to OZ-Scarecrow

Three L. Frank Baum Book
1.) "The Scarecrow of OZ" 288 pages, Illustrated, Copyright 1915
2.) "The Road To OZ" 268 pages, Illustrated, Copyright 1909
3.) "The Wizard Of OZ" over 236 pages pictures by W.W. Denslow, copyright 1956
Condition of all three books; All average in fair condition
Inside Condition: Better than fair condition-No rips, No folds, No ink marks, No blemishes, All pages together
Very Slight Bend from the covers being slightly bent.
Cover Condition: Fair Condition, Cover is together, covers have slight bend from storage. Corner bends
Some wear. One book has a corner bend.
NOTE: Unknown if the copyright dates are true, as the 1909 book is in the same condition of the 1956 book.
Unknown if these are reprints or original, all look to be in the same condition. No other dates found.
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