3 (THREE) Half Dollar Rolls ($30 Face) Not Searched - Old Silver Coins Possible

THIS IS FOR 3 (THREE) ROLLS, to save you money on shipping by using the Small Flat Rate Box from the Post Office. Send me a message about any other quantities you are interested in, or any other questions. I can get up to 16 rolls in a Small Flat Rate box for just $5.95 Shipping.

I first bought 7 boxes of 50 rolls each (yes, $3500 worth), to look through on my time off from work during the holidays, and have had widely varied success, as far as I got. In the first box of 50 rolls, I had my best success, 3 Franklin Silver Half Dollars (90% Silver), 3 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars (also 90% Silver), and 5 Kennedy Half Dollars with 40% Silver from 1965-1970 (it was 1-1967, and 4-1968's). That was a total of 11 silver coins (6-90%, 5-40%). In the 2nd box, I only found 1 Kennedy Half, a 1968 (40% Silver). Since then, my wife has opened about a dozen more rolls as she attempts to complete a full set of Kennedy's, and found 3 more 40% (1965-1970) silvers in the 12 rolls (again, a very respectable rate of return, much like the first box, and unlike the 2nd box).

However, too many other activities get in the way, and I had almost 5 boxes yet unsearched when the holidays ended (see the photos, I haven't opened 3 of the boxes yet, and a 4th was opened for one of the photos - contact me if you want more than a roll, or even a full
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