THREE HOSTS Germany XV Century Pilgrim Badge RARE !!!!

Medieval Pilgrim Badge Comes from private collection garanteed to be original. First half of XV Century - Extremaly Rare!!!! Great condition the little cross on the top is separate it was only put together for the picture. The last host like that was auctioned in Germany for over 400Euros!!!! This was recoverd in ea stern Europe at the shores of Baltic see.
During a terrible fire that
exploded in the village of
Wilsnack in 1383, among the
ruins of the parish church
were found three completely
intact Hosts, which bled
continuously. Pilgrims began
to go there in great numbers,
and for that reason a church
was built there in honor of
the miracle. Its veneration was
approved by two bulls of Pope
Eugene IV in 1447 Wilsnack became one of the most important
places of pilgrimage in Europe I ship worldwide