September has finally arrived, which means it is time to get into the serious selling mode. This auction is for the second of two lobster boat related items we have going online tonight. These came out of that old house in Massachusetts - but the family was originally from Maine. This is a lot of THREE Vintage Used SIGNED WOODEN LOBSTER BUOYS (sometimes spelled bouys). These probably date from the mid century back when the BUOYS were all made out of wood, hand painted and the fisherman's - or lobster man's ID was carved into the wood. Great age and paint on these that you can't replicate with ones made for the tourists and not made for actual the cole North Atlantic. Please check out our other auction lots on this site and under the ebay name amoskeag100 if you have a moment. SIZE Varies CONDITION As shown,... Our shelves are also filling up with some spectacular items for our Autumn & Winter auctions. SHIPPING We'll ship from zip code 03104 USA. OR Available for pick-up in MANCHESTER, NH As usual, a VERY LOW MINIMUM & NEVER A RESERVE! Always a popular feature of our auctions. Read our feedback, we ship fast, pack well and have really good stuff! , as always it's worth taking a look - some great stuff t as well. Check out our UPDATED "ME" page w we show a sampling of the quality we offered in last year's ebay auctions...and ... read more