Three Pretty 'N' Punk Bratz Dolls and Case!

THREE Bratz Dolls with Matching Case!
You're looking at a set of three immaculate Pretty 'N' Punk Bratz dolls with a wonderful matching case.
Doll 1: Completely decked out in punk rock gear in the British style. Blue and black hair, blue shirt depicting the British flag, black vinyl pants with studs, fishnet undershirt, chain belt, and spiked high-heeled shoes.
Doll 2: Red-striped hair, fishnet and polka-dotted halter, plaid red bell bottom pants, blue-jean purse, and spiked black high-heels.
Doll 3: Blond and orange hair, black dog-collar necklace attaches to black halter which reads "London," blue-jean pants with stripes that make the British flag, red-plaid purse, and spiked black heels.
The case is circular with studs and chain handle. The inside is red-plaid. All three dolls fit inside.