Three Stooges Beer 6 Bottles w/ Case & Rare Larry Caps

The successful bidder will receive a full six-pack of Three Stooges Beer containing six empty beer bottles with six rare highly collectible Larry caps all intact along with carrying case. T are no chips or cracks on the bottles. Both bottles and carrying case are in near mint condition . This beer was put out by the Panther Brewing Company as a Premium Lager Beer. It was brewed by three good men and one World Class Master Brewer. Brewed using the unique slowly I turn process. The beer won the blue ribbon as the "Best Light Lager" at the 1999 GNE International Beer Fest. That's right twenty some odd master brewers judged this beer to be superior over seventy others in the blind taste test.

Each beer bottle contains a picture label of Moe, Larry, and Curly sporting their safari gear and pointing in different directions. Printed on these labels is their famous saying, "Raise a glass for duty and humanity". These bottles are capped with the face of Three Stooges knucklehead Larry. Its very hard to find these bottles with Larry's face as the bottle cap so it makes it that much more collectible. All bottles are contained in a handsome carrying case showing the same Three Stooges pose that is shown on the bottles. Along the side of the case are four poses [(1) all dressed up and ready to go, (2) prison mug shot, (3) cowboy do you
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