Three Vintage PHILIP MORRIS Cigarette 2-packs: EARLY

Three Sample "Guest Packs" of
This auction lot consists of three individual 2-packs of Philip Morris cigarettes.
Circa 1937-40.
Were probably given to guests in hotels, bars, or restaurants as "freebies".
Johnny Roventinni, a bellhop discovered in a New York hotel in 1933 became the P.M. spokesperson for the next forty years. His words are written on the front and back of the box: "Call for Philip Morris" American's Finest Cigarette. His head-and-shoulders picture logo is printed there as well.
Sides of the box say: Made in U.S.A. By Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc. ~ Established over 90 years .
End of box says: Guest Package ~ Not for Sale .
Each box contains 2 original cigarettes. Boxes may or may not have been opened. Cigarettes are unused.
PLEASE NOTE :-- The value of the item is the collectible packaging, not the tobacco itself.
-- The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the tobacco in the package.
-- The tobacco inside is not for consumption.
-- The collectible packaging is not currently available in stores.
-- The buyer must be at least 18 years old. (As the seller, I'm responsible for making sure this rule is met.)
-- Both the buyer and the seller are following all applicable laws and shipping regulations
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