3 Thulite Healing Crystals ~ Reiki ~ Healthy relationships ~ Passion ~ Fertility

, happiness generosity and wealth.

Claire’s Healing Academy


This listing is for ~3 x Thulite Crystals ~

This stone is a strengthening and regeneration stone.

Emotionally: Encourages healthy relationships with our self and others. It enhances problem solving skills. It helps bring out your passion and sexual feelings. Good if you are a showman as helps with extroversion.

Physically: Assists with cases of extreme exhaustion and to treat calcium deficiency. Thulite is also thought to enhance fertility: and digestive disorders.

You will receive: 3x medium crystals

1x Organza bag to keep the crystal safe when not in use.

1 x Small Information card with the above information about the crystal.

I am a Reiki Master and each crystal is cleansed and blessed with Reiki, for you. The Crystals in the photograph are just an example for you to see.

Gemstones are natural material, and so it is impossible to get any uniformity of size and shape. Because crystals vary so there is no perfect way to classify them exactly. We do however, grade them roughly into size ranges according to the following guidelines:

Small: Approx 10-15mm

Med: Approx 15-25mm

Large: Approx 25-30mm

Jumbo: Approx 30-35+mm

Each crystal
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