Thunder Power RC TP820HVC High Voltage Dual Charger Newest Model Out

Brand New All New Thunder Power RC TP820HVC High Voltage Charger! Was $269.95.


This charger is the same as the TP820CD, but it can also charge the new High Voltage Lipo's that are now out, so with this charger you get the best of both worlds, why would you want the older TP820CD model since this new TP820HVC model does more and is the same price?

Product Description

The TP820HVC is the first ever dual port and the most anticipated, most powerful, most advanced multi-chemistry charger, discharger, cycler and balancer system and safest for high voltage LiPos and standard LiPos from Thunder Power RC. With up to 800 watts of total charging power, nearly 4-times that of the ever-popular TP1010C, the TP820HVC is equipped with two ports that function completely independently to charge, discharge and cycle a wide variety of 2-7S HV LiPo, 1-8S LiPo, LiIon and LiFe (A123) batteries, as well as 1-24 cell NiCd and NiMH along with 6-30V Pb (lead-acid) batteries. The built-in 2-8S LiPo/LiIon/LiFe (A123) cell balancers, one for each port, and included balance connector adapter boards are readily compatible with all Thunder Power balance connectors and the JST-XH balance connectors found on most other batteries.

The dual port TP820HVC offers the convenience and flexibility of two separate chargers
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