Thunder tech Carbon Fiber Diamond Back elec. Stampede

Up for sale is full blown thunder tech carbon fiber stampede

basicly its a thunder tech truck with a stampede tranny and a-arms, all thunder tech parts in this truck has been discontinued it has been my shelf queen i wouldnt sell it but some problems with my baby girl has risen so it must go, thunder tech still offers some replacement parts with an email request. the truck will not include the hitech 645mg unless u pay an extra 30 bucks on top of what you bid on the truck. it has about 20 mins of light duty use so it is still new, but it is loaned to me and it will only go with truck if im payed to replace it

if buy it now is used i will include the servo for free!!!

when i added up the total spent on this truck it is an unbelievable $973.27 probably more but that is all i can acount for at the moment

reserve on this is set at $250

it has:

MIP CVDs, HPI monster rims, Proline Masher 2000 tires, a full set of associated shocks with piggy-back reservoirs, a extra set of rpm rims, full ball bearings, new 12 turn 550 traxxas motor with (2) 5 minute runs and thats all ive ran the complete truck also

thunder tech parts (all carbon fiber):

diamond back roll cage kit, diamond back outlaw chassis kit, diamond back cantilever kit, diamond back front and rear sway bar kits,
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